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WAEPA’s New and Improved Referral Program

Federal Civilian Life

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2 min Category: Federal Civilian Life

WAEPA is the life insurance choice of over 46,000 Civilian Federal Employees and their families. One of the biggest ways Feds learn about WAEPA is by word-of-mouth from colleagues who have made the switch. In 2020, we have piloted a new and improved Referral Program, enticing Feds to help share the news about WAEPA.

We value the opinions of those around us. Before choosing a restaurant for dinner, or even making a bigger purchase, we often consult reviews and measure the opinions of our community. When deciding on benefits, many Feds turn to their seasoned colleagues for insider tips on the best plans and providers available. Therefore it is no surprise that many of our new members heard about us initially from a fellow Civilian Fed.

In 2019, WAEPA unveiled an official Member Referral Program, offering a limited-edition Challenge Coin to Members in honor of WAEPA’s 75th anniversary, who referred friends or colleagues who worked as Civilian Feds.. This year, we’ve refreshed the program: help us share the news about WAEPA, and we’ll give you a $20 VISA® virtual pre-paid card.

How It Works

  • Visit waepa.org/referral to refer family, friends and colleagues who are active Civilian Federal Employees.
  • The Member submits their contact information and accepts the program’s Terms & Conditions.
  • Members then provide a minimum of three referrals to qualify.
  • Once WAEPA membership is confirmed, the referee is sent a thank you email and rewarded with a $20 Visa pre-paid virtual card for participating.

Why Participate?

There are multiple benefits to referring your colleagues to WAEPA. Our rates and premium refunds* are based on our total membership and claims performance, so the more Feds are in our plan, the more competitive our rates remain.

How Do I Get Started?

Think of three active Civilian Federal Employees who may be interested in WAEPA and visit waepa.org/referral to get started!

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