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WAEPA members receive exclusive rates for Group Term Life Insurance and Group Short-Term Disability Insurance Coverage. Our rates are calculated based on a number of factors including age and coverage amount. See if you are eligible to become a WAEPA member and explore our rates below.

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Group Term Life
Insurance Rates

WAEPA members have access to exclusive rates for Group Term Life Insurance, Chronic Illness Riders, and Dependent coverage. Compare our rates to FEGLI and learn how your coverage and rates will adjust over time.

Group Short-Term Disability Insurance Rates

WAEPA offers competitive rates for members. Calculate your Short-Term Disability Insurance Rate and explore what goes into your exclusive rate.

Are you eligible for WAEPA coverage?

Eligible Agencies

In order to be eligible to apply for WAEPA, you must be a current or former Civilian Federal Employee. Explore Eligible Federal Agencies & Departments.

Age Band

Our rates are calculated based on age bands. WAEPA applicants must be under age 70 when applying and over age 18. Coverage will carry with you up to your 85th birthday.

Find Your Ideal Coverage Amount

Not sure how much coverage you need? Check out our Coverage calculator, Premium Rate calculator, or compare our rates to FEGLI.

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