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Group Term Life Insurance Rates

With WAEPA, current and former Civilian Federal Employees get access to exclusive life insurance rates. Premiums for all coverage options are based on your age and increase when you enter a new five-year age group. Applicants must be under age 70 when applying, and coverage will carry with you up to your 85th birthday.

How WAEPA’s Rates Compare to FEGLI

WAEPA life insurance is a smart and exclusively-priced alternative to FEGLI for current and former Civilian Federal Employees. One important difference between WAEPA and FEGLI is how coverage amounts are determined. FEGLI’s coverage amount is capped at five times your salary.

Regardless of your salary, all WAEPA and Associate members may qualify for up to $1.5 million in Group Term Life Insurance.* Learn more with a side-by-side comparison of WAEPA to FEGLI.

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This is not a quote — the rates shown are your premiums (as of the age of your approval). Find your current rate for any coverage amount up to $1.5 million.

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How Coverage and Rates Adjust Over Time

Premiums by Age Bands

Our Group Term Life Insurance premium rates are structured in 5-year age bands. Your rate will increase when you reach a new age band. Coverage automatically renews on an annual basis provided premiums are paid when due. Maximum amount of coverage begins to reduce at age 60; however premiums do not reduce.

Example of How Rates Change

Courtney is currently 33 years old. She pays $0.81 (bi-weekly) for a $50k policy. She will pay this rate from age 30-34.

  • Upon her 35th birthday, her rate will increase to
    $1.15 (bi-weekly). This will be her rate from age
  • At age 40, she’ll pay $1.62 (bi-weekly).

Complete List of Member & Associate Member Rates

Use the interactive tool below to see your personalized rates broken down by age group and payment frequency, including with the add-on of a Chronic Illness Rider to your Group Term Life Insurance or download the complete rates table.