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A Well-Deserved Recognition Week to All Public Servants

Federal Civilian Life

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3 min Category: Federal Civilian Life

In 1985, the first week of May was marked to thank everyone working in local, state, and federal government. Today, public employees are at the forefront helping businesses and communities in distress while maintaining normal government duties. These individuals do it all, from ensuring that transportation continues to run, helping people get to vaccination centers, and much more.

It’s time to celebrate!

During this special week, we will once again be using the hashtags #PublicServiceRecognitionWeek and #PSRW. Other supporting hashtags such as #GovPossible and #IServeBecause can also be used throughout social media:

  • It’s #PublicServiceRecognitionWeek! As a public servant, I am pleased to work with such extraordinary people and their commitment to serving our nation. It’s an honor to celebrate #PSRW with them and @WAEPA_News!
  • #IServeBecause (…) #PSRW

You can also amplify the message by sharing these hashtags so that your family and friends can join in the celebration. Invite them to get active through their networks using @WAEPA_News! and the hashtags #IAppreciatePublicServantsBecause, #ThankAFed, and #PSRW with posts like:

  • I’m so grateful for our public servants who work in the government! And excited to celebrate public servants this week with @WAEPA_News! Your work is changing the world. Thanks! #PSRW #ThankAFed #IAppreciatePublicServantsBecause
  • From repairing bridges to developing vaccines, we all benefit from the work of Federal Public servants. Join me today during #PSRW #ThankAFed #IAppreciatePublicServantsBecause

We have the opportunity to make our recognition and gratitude heard, as well as reflect on the tireless work, dedication, and effort that our civil servants have achieved:

Securing our Nation

Dr. Eddie Bernard of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration created a tsunami detection system that significantly increases warning times.

Improving Our Health Care

Ninety-five percent of America’s children are protected against major diseases through vaccines administered by public employees.

Helping the Homeless

Clara Barton’s spirit of compassion led an employee of the U.S. Patent Office to found the Red Cross, a world-renowned humanitarian organization caring for lives in times of emergency.

Inventing New Products that Change Our Lives

Agricultural Research Service researchers in New Orleans created flame-retardant clothing for firefighters and astronauts.

Forging the Path to New Frontiers and Unlocking the Mysteries of the Universe

Neil Armstrong, the first person to walk on the moon, was a public employee.

Our exceptional public servants have shown a remarkable degree of adaptability in recent years, working tirelessly to ensure the safety and well-being of fellow citizens while caring for their own families and loved ones. Thank you all!

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