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Life Insurance: Term versus Whole

Life Insurance

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Life insurance exists to help protect your loved ones in case you pass. These policies are usually created as part of an overall estate plan. Two of the most common types of life insurance available are Term and Whole. Each has its own benefits. Regardless of what time of program you choose, life insurance is a vital tool in helping to protect your family in case you pass. Review how the two compare:

Chart comparing the key differences between term life insurance and whole life insurance. Comparison covers: coverage period, payment options, cash value, benefit payments.

Understanding WAEPA’s Group Term Life Insurance

WAEPA’s coverage is Group Term Life Insurance*, meaning that a single contract covers an entire group of individuals (in WAEPA’s case, those individuals are exclusively Civilian Federal Employees). Typically, the contract extends to employees or members of a larger group, and the rates are calculated for the group rather than for individuals, so rates generally cost less compared to what someone would pay for their own life insurance product.

Also important to note: WAEPA’s coverage is Group Life Term Insurance. Like FEGLI, WAEPA’s coverage does not have a cash value. If you switch from FEGLI to WAEPA, you don’t “lose” premiums paid into your FEGLI program, since there was not a cash value built into them to begin with.

WAEPA’s Coverage Is Similar to FEGLI’s in Other Ways, Too:

  • Both programs increase rates in five-year age bands
  • Both programs exclusively serve employees of the Federal Government
  • Neither program has a cash value component
  • Both programs can be carried into retirement (but FEGLI does have limits and restrictions around this option)

The Unique Value of a WAEPA Membership

While WAEPA’s coverage is structured similarly to FEGLI, many Civilian Federal Employees find greater value in our offerings:

Choose Life Insurance That’s Right For You

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Now that you understand more about your life insurance options as a Civilian Federal Employee, see how much you could save and if WAEPA is the right choice for you.

Speak with Our Dedicated Team

If you still have questions about WAEPA Group Term Life Insurance, call our Member Services team at (800) 368-3484, Monday through Thursday 8:30am – 6:30pm or Friday 8:30am – 5pm, ET.

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