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Federal Life Insurance: A Beginner’s Guide

Life Insurance

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Decisions about life insurance can be tough. Our guide gives you the straightforward information you need to help make the right decisions for you and your family. Download the guide and get answers to your questions about life insurance.

What You’ll Find in This Guide


Read Answers to the Most Asked Questions

At WAEPA, we’ve been helping Civilian Federal Employees find the right information about Group Term Life Insurance* since 1943. We’ve assembled answers to the most popular questions in one easy-to-read guide.

Do You Even Need Life Insurance?

That’s one of the first questions most people have. We’ll help you figure that out, too. Explore why life insurance is so important, how much you might need, and how much it might cost.

Take a Step Toward Peace of Mind

Our guide includes instructions on how to apply for life insurance through WAEPA. It’s a simple application process that you can start today so you can live with the knowledge that your family will be secure down the road.