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Caring for an Aging Loved One Guide

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More than 10 million Americans aged 65 and over need long-term care – and that number rises every year. The need for care may be sudden or gradual. Either way, you may not be sure to begin.


WAEPA’s Caring for an Aging Loved One Guide helps you assess and prepare for when a loved one needs care. It covers developing a care plan, organizing important documents, and how to provide support.

What You’ll Find in This Guide

  • How to Develop a Care Plan
  • Organizing Documents and Paperwork
  • Managing Your Loved One’s Affairs
  • Providing Home and Community-Based Care
  • When Your Loved One Can No Longer Live at Home
  • Choosing the Type of Care Needed and Nursing Home Checklist
  • Paying for Long-Term Care?