On July 16, 2018, WAEPA CEO Shane Canfield and Director of Strategic Operations Tony Zerante were featured on Federal News Radio’s “For Your Benefit” show hosted by Bob Leins. Brian Kurrus, Certified Financial Planner®, also joined the broadcast, as the group discussed life insurance, long term care, and chronic illness riders.


From Left to Right: Brian Kurrus, Tony Zerante, Shane Canfield, and Bob Leins

Some key excerpts from the broadcast:

“Our members and new applicants are very curious about the Chronic Illness Rider we rolled out in January of this year. The premiums are significantly lower than a true, stand-alone policy.”

-Tony Zerante, Director of Strategic Operations, WAEPA


“Our members have welcomed our $1.5 Million coverage option with open arms. Many members are adding our Chronic Illness Rider, as well”

-Tony Zerante, Director of Strategic Operations, WAEPA


“If you haven’t educated yourself, do so. Once you have all the details, you’ll be able to make an informed decision”

-Brian Kurrus, Certified Financial Planner®


Listen to the whole broadcast

Learn more about WAEPA’s Chronic Illness Rider


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