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Why are insurance rates for WAEPA members different than Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) rates?

The terms of coverage under WAEPA’s group term life insurance policy are different than FEGLI. Coverage is also underwritten for different groups and by different insurance carriers. You can review each plan’s description of benefits for more complete plan terms, including any exclusions.

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How do WAEPA member rates compare to FEGLI?

WAEPA has designed its insurance program rates to be attractive and competitively priced. For more information,
Please view our WAEPA vs. FEGLI  Rate Comparison page.

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Does WAEPA have an Open Season like FEGLI?

WAEPA and New York Life Insurance Company are not affiliated with or endorsed by the federal government, so it does not provide an Open Season to all federal employees. Instead, WAEPA makes certain levels of life insurance coverage available to new civilian federal government employees on a guaranteed issue basis, as well as provides members the ability to apply for additional coverage at any time below age 65 (subject to approval by New York Life Insurance Company).

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Would my spouse be eligible to apply for Life Insurance by joining WAEPA?

Yes, your spouse could be covered as a Dependent under your WAEPA Certificate, restricted to no more than 50% of your coverage, with a maximum of $500,000, and rates are based on your; the Member’s age.


Your spouse may be covered as an Associate Member. Your spouse may apply to our Member maximum of $1,500,000 (dependent on age) and, in this case, the rates would be based on your spouse’s age on the Member Rates Chart.

An Associate Member is a full fledged Member with all of the same rights and privileges as a Member who gained their eligibility from federal service. Once a person becomes a WAEPA Member they can pass Associate Membership to their respective spouse, or children. You just need to join WAEPA, as a federal, civilian employee, to gain this opportunity for your family!
Please view our WAEPA vs. FEGLI  Benefit Comparison page.

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Do WAEPA coverages and rates vary by age?

WAEPA member rates change in 5 year increments and the maximum amount of coverage available begins to reduce starting at age 60. To view our complete list of rates for all ages and amounts of coverage available:

Please view our WAEPA vs. FEGLI  Rate Comparison page.

The rate comparisons can vary depending on the coverage options you select. The best way to compare is to enter your comparison information here:

Premium Comparison Calculatorwaepa.org/Savings-Calculator

This will give you the tailor fit answer for your exact needs.

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