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Who is eligible to apply for group term life insurance coverage through WAEPA?

Current and retired civilian Federal employees/annuitants, including non-appropriated fund (NAF) employees and U.S. Postal Service employees under the age of 70 are eligible to apply for group term life insurance coverage on themselves, spouses and dependent children through WAEPA.

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May I keep my group life insurance coverage if I leave government employment?

Yes. Once insured with WAEPA, there will be no change to your coverage due to a change in your employment status.

Your coverage may continue until age 85 as long as premiums continue to be paid and the group policy remains in force.

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How much insurance coverage may I apply for?

If you are less than age 60, you may apply for up to $1,500,000 of group life insurance for yourself and up to $500,000 of dependent group life insurance for your spouse. Eligible, dependent children may be insured for up to $25,000 depending on the level of spousal coverage selected. Dependent coverage is limited to 50 percent of the member’s coverage. To see all available rates, visit our Rate Charts here.

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How are premiums calculated?

Premiums for all coverage are based on your age and will increase when you enter a new age group.  Age groups are five years in length.

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May I pay premiums through payroll deductions?

Currently employed federal workers are eligible for payroll deduction. A direct deposit sign-up form (form 1199A) will be mailed to you after your insurance coverage is issued. Simply complete the form and submit it to your federal payroll office or online payroll system to begin automatic payroll deductions of your WAEPA member insurance premiums.

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Is a medical examination required?

A medical examination may be required, even for Members, depending on your age, the amount of insurance, for which you are applying, and your health question answers.

If a medical examination is required, it will be performed at no cost to you by a medical examiner appointed by WAEPA through ExamOne.

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How long will it take to get my insurance?

Please allow up to 12 weeks (even for members) to complete the application process and receive your certificate of insurance.

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What if I am not satisfied with my group life insurance?

You have thirty (30) days to inspect your Certificate of Insurance and if you are not satisfied you can request a refund of your initial month’s premium, less any benefits that were paid.

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May I change my insurance coverage?

Yes, you can reduce your coverage at any time and you can apply to increase your coverage if you are less than age 65.

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What happens when I reach age 85?

All insurance coverage terminates at age 85.

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Does WAEPA member coverage include death caused by sickness?

WAEPA’s member basic coverage is payable for death caused by sickness, subject to the terms of the group policy. The group policy contains exclusions in the event of suicide. If an Insured commits suicide, while sane or insane, within 2 years from the date his or her insurance under the policy becomes effective, or the date the coverage is increased, his or her Life Insurance Benefits will be limited to a refund of the premiums paid on his or her behalf. If a Dependent Child commits suicide within 2 years from the date your insurance under the policy becomes effective, or the date the dependent coverage was increased and is survived by other Dependent Children under the same certificate, no refund of premiums will be made.

If an insured dies as a result of a covered accident (until age 85), an additional benefit will be paid to the beneficiary. When a person becomes a member and purchases coverage, they receive a plan booklet and certificate of insurance with details regarding the coverage.

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My spouse is a federal, civilian employee. Am I eligible for insurance coverage through WAEPA, even if my spouse is not insured through WAEPA? If so, is there a dollar limit?

You can purchase coverage as an Associate Member, provided your spouse is a member of WAEPA, even if he/she does not purchase insurance through WAEPA (Membership Form). She/he has to complete a membership form and pay a one-time $2.00 membership fee.

WAEPA members are provided a maximum amount of $1,500,000 coverage, regardless if you are applying as a federal employee, retiree or as an Associate Member.

Please view the complete list of rates for all ages and amounts of coverage available.

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Once initially accepted by the plan, can the insurance company at any time require a physical examination to either continue the plan or keep current benefits?

Basically, no. As long as you maintain your premium payments your insurance doesn’t terminate due to non payment, there would be no need for a new physical exam. If you want to increase your coverage, then you will need to compete an Evidence of Insurability form and the increase must be approved by the insurance company.

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How do I cancel my WAEPA member policy?

To cancel your WAEPA life insurance, please either email, fax or mail your request. Specify that you wish to cancel your coverage outright, including your name and WAEPA certificate number.

Email: waepa@waepa.org
Fax: (703) 790-4606
Membership Services
433 Park Avenue
Falls Church, VA  22046

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What is the maximum amount of coverage provided through WAEPA?

Up to $1,500,000 for members and associate members below age 60.

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Are retired military personnel eligible for this insurance?

If you are a retired military personnel who is also a current or retired Civilian Federal Employee, you are eligible for coverage from us.

If you are not and never have been a Civilian Federal Employee/Retired Annuitant, you can only apply for coverage as an Associate Member if your spouse is WAEPA Member.

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Does worldwide coverage through WAEPA include combat zones?

If you are a Federal civilian who happens to be stationed in or commutes to a combat zone, you would be covered. If you are an activated Reservist or National Guardsman, who gained WAEPA membership prior to activation, your basic coverage would also be intact.

There is an additional rider of Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage which is in addition to, not a part of, the basic coverage you have applied. This would not be paid if the death was a result of an “Act of War”.

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Does this insurance cover me if I travel overseas? Accidental Death? Murdered? If so does my spouse and/or designated beneficiary, receive the entire death benefit?

WAEPA’s member basic coverage is payable in all types of death; except during the first two years of coverage, death by suicide or if there was a member condition misrepresentation on your application or any other application.

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How do I file a claim?

To begin the claims process, the insurance company requires notification from a person (spouse, relative, friend, etc) that the insured has died. This can be done either by phone (800) 368-3484 or email (info@waepa.org).

Please be prepared to provide the required information when reporting the death of a member/dependent. We require the member or dependent’s name, certificate number, date of death, manner of death, notifier’s name, phone number and the notifier’s relationship to the member/dependent. A letter of instructions and a claim form will then be mailed or emailed to the beneficiary to be completed and returned to WAEPA, along with a certified certificate of death and any other requested information. This information would then be forwarded to our insurance carrier to process the claim.

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