FAQ: Associate Membership

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Who is eligible for associate member status?

Spouses of current WAEPA members are eligible for associate members.

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Are the premiums or coverage levels different for members and associate members?

No. Premiums and coverage benefits are identical.

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Can a spouse be covered as both a dependent and as an associate member?


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What happens to my current dependent coverage?

As soon as your spouse’s coverage is approved the spousal dependent coverage will be canceled automatically. However, coverage on your dependent children will remain in effect. (Please remember that one premium covers your spouse AND all dependent children. Therefore, there will be no reduction in premium for your dependent coverage, even if your spouse is no longer insured.)

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Can dependent children be covered by both the member and associate member?

No. Only the member OR associate member may cover dependent children.

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Can spouses of former WAEPA members apply for associate membership?


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What if I terminate my insurance coverage? Will my spouse or family member remain insured if they are associate members and have their own coverage?

Absolutely. Once your spouse or family member becomes an associate member, his or her coverage cannot be cancelled if you leave the Association.

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Is Dependent Coverage the same as Associate Membership?

No. WAEPA members have two ways to purchase life insurance protection on family members:

  1. As Dependents – Cover your spouse and your dependent children under your own certificate. Coverage levels go up to a maximum of $250,000 depending on age. Dependent spouses coverage is limited to no more than 50% of the member’s coverage, for a maximum of $500,000.
  2. As Associate WAEPA Members – Enable your spouse to purchase their own insurance through WAEPA. Coverage levels go up to a maximum of $1.5M depending on age.
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Why did WAEPA create the associate member category?

Associate Membership was created so that spouses of WAEPA members could “enjoy” the same level of benefits as the members themselves.

There are limits on the amount of insurance available to spouses under the dependent group life program. Many of our members have indicated that their spouses need higher levels of insurance coverage.

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My spouse is a federal, civilian employee. Am I eligible for insurance coverage through WAEPA, even if my spouse is not insured through WAEPA? If so, is there a dollar limit?

You can purchase coverage as an Associate Member, provided your spouse becomes a non-insured member of WAEPA (Membership Form). She/He does not have to purchase insurance, she/he simply has to complete a membership form and pay a one-time $2.00 membership fee.

WAEPA provides a maximum amount of $1,500,000 coverage (depending on age), regardless if you are applying as a federal employee, retiree or as an Associate Member.

Please view our complete list of rates for all ages and amounts of coverage available.

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In the event of my spouse gaining Association Membership, what happens to my current dependent coverage?

No one, under WAEPA’s group life insurance plan, may be double-covered. Once an Associate Membership is gained, for an existing Dependent, the Associate Membership coverage replaces Dependent coverage.

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How do I file a claim?

To begin the claims process, the insurance company requires notification from a person (spouse, relative, friend, etc) that the insured has died. This can be done either by phone (1-800-368-3484) or email (info@waepa.org).

Please be prepared to provide the required information when reporting the death of a member/dependent. We require the member or dependent’s name, certificate number, date of death, manner of death, notifier’s name, phone number and the notifier’s relationship to the member/dependent. A letter of instructions and a claim form will then be mailed or emailed to the beneficiary to be completed and returned to WAEPA, along with a certified certificate of death and any other requested information. This information would then be forwarded to our insurance carrier to process the claim.

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