Retirement Planning

Unexpected Retirement Expenses and How You Can Prepare

Retirement is just the beginning of another adventure, and preparing for a successful one takes years of saving, planning and dreaming about the years you won’t be working. Pre-retirement planning is significant to everyone, but especially imperative for federal employees. Being proactive about your financial future is crucial in ensuring that you will have the…

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3 Frequently Asked Questions About Preparing For Retirement

waepa retirement and financial planning

Retirement planning is an essential part of life but can be confusing and difficult to maneuver. You must set your retirement goals, diversify investments and income, and make well-informed decisions. But what should you know before jumping in? Here are three frequently asked questions about retirement planning for federal employees;   How Much Do I Need to…

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Understanding How Retirement Planning Is Important To Do Now

Many young people and those starting their career in the federal government believe that retirement is a long way off. While it’s tempting to put off this decision for some extra pocket cash, there are many reasons why retirement planning for federal government employees is crucial.   Involuntary Early Retirement Some people opt to retire early,…

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