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Dedicated to Civilian Federal Employees since 1943

Dedicated to Civilian Federal Employees since 1943

Janice Haith Headshot

Janice Haith / Committee Member

Janice Haith is a Member of the Finance Committee and the IT Committee. She has served on the Board since 2011.

She graduated from Hampton Institute with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and the University of Maryland with a Master of Science in Technology Management.

Before her retirement from an impressive Federal career, Janice served as the Chief Information Officer (Civilian Executive) for the U.S. Navy. Janice brings an extensive IT background in policy, compliance and oversight for DoD activities to WAEPA’s Board, having worked as the Security Adjudicator for the Department of Justice, Program Element Manager for the Department of the Air Force, Joint Personnel Adjudication System Program Manager for the USAF and DoD, e-Government Program Manager for the Internal Efficiency and Effectiveness in the DoD, and a Congressional Fellow on behalf of USAF.

Janice is currently a retired member of the Senior Executive Service.

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