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How to Wind Down Your Spending Habits After You Retire

In retirement, you will live on a fixed income, meaning you’ll need to ensure that your expenses do not exceed your income. While the idea of living more frugally may not appeal to you, it may even easier than you expected, since a fixed, predictable income can help you determine how to appropriately budget both…

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Should You Use a 529 to Plan for Your Child’s College Education? 

A 529 plan is a program run by a state or educational institution with unique incentives and tax advantages aimed at making it easier for parents to save for post-secondary training or tuition associated with enrollment into a secondary private, public, or religious school. Investing in a 529 plan transcends state borders, and these funds…

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Unexpected Retirement Expenses and How You Can Prepare

Retirement is just the beginning of another adventure, and preparing for a successful one takes years of saving, planning and dreaming about the years you won’t be working. Pre-retirement planning is significant to everyone, but especially imperative for federal employees. Being proactive about your financial future is crucial in ensuring that you will have the…

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