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WAEPA Scholarship Program - Testimonials

Each year the WAEPA scholarship program provides tuition assistance for up to 75 children of WAEPA members insured under WAEPA’s Group Term Life Insurance program. We would like to congratulate our past recipients for being a part of the WAEPA scholarship program. Good luck and best wishes to you in your bright and successful future! Below you find words of gratitude from scholarship recipients.

"The past eighteen years WAEPA has given peace of mind to my parents with their insurance needs. Now, WAEPA has done the same for me with my college aspirations."

-Brittany S.

"Thank you for having such an interest in the lives of people you've never met, and who your team is helping succeed."

-Rachel M.

"Receiving an award such as this makes me want to work harder, to continue to prove to you and others that academic excellence does not go unnoticed. Thank you again."

-Samantha J.

"Your generosity has touched not only me, but also my family and to everyone who shares this opportunity with me."

-Kyle W.

"This scholarship will help me further achieve my goals including becoming a CPA. Thanks again for your confidence and generosity in me. I hope one day I can pay it back in helping other deserving students."

-Kara J.

"I am a Political Science major with plans to pursue my master's in Public Administration. I aspire to use the skills and knowledge I gain from the degrees to better my local community and government. Thanks to you, I'm even closer to that goal."

-Emily S.

"Thank you again for this scholarship and for making this program available to college students."

-Patrick M.

"Your confidence in me is a great encouragement. Thank you for your kindness and generosity."

-Brenna E.

"This summer I will be interning at Mass General Hospital, Dept. of Neurology-none of this would have been possible without the continued support of WAEPA. Thank you."

-Jessica T.

"My father was so proud; he is retired from Homeland Security and has been a member of WAEPA for many years. … Your scholarship will help me achieve my educational goals. I am so grateful - Thank you."

-Angelina L.

"I am truly honored! It is contributions such as these that allow me to continue my study of Civil Engineering at Rice University, and for that I am grateful."

-Isabella G.

"I am honored both by the recognition and your generosity. The WAEPA scholarship is allowing me to fulfill my dream of studying international politics at American University in Washington, DC. … Without WAEPA it truly would not be possible for me to attend this school. Thank you so much for your recognition and support."

-Julia W.

"Schooling in the medical field is bound to take close to ten years, and this scholarship is one extra-needed push toward the finish line. … Thank you again for selecting me and helping make college financially possible."

-Madison S.

"I am very interested in the United States Department of Agriculture. I want to be able to help someone with their dreams of owning and operating a farm of their own. … I hope to finish my schooling within the next year and half and graduate at the top of my class. With the help of this scholarship, that will be possible!"

-Taylor A.

"Your contribution to my education inspires me to continue to work hard and make my community proud. … thank you for supporting college bound students with an opportunity for financial assistance through your scholarship program."

-Sydney S.

"I will attend the Culinary Institute… Your generosity has brought me great joy and purpose; the money will be put towards books and other equipment necessary to bring me success on this field of work. I hope that with this gift you have given me, I can focus more on my creativity and schooling and bring success and joy to others with the things I will be able to create."

-Ericka H.

"I appreciate the consideration shown to me during the selection process and will strive to represent this scholarship program with academic excellence, service to my community, and leadership among my peers."

-Emily M.

"I am so appreciative for this scholarship because it will enable me to achieve my dream of becoming a nurse practitioner. Thank you once again for recognizing my hard work and accomplishments with this amazing scholarship."

-Regan A.

"With the ever-increasing cost of tuition and room and board at universities and colleges across the nation, merit scholarships like these help incentivize more and more students to continue their education. Once again, I cannot express how grateful I am for your generosity."

-Jonathan H.

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