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WAEPA Staff Featured on For Your Benefit


Amanda Huelskamp, Senior Outreach Specialist


Phone: (703) 531-3546

Falls Church, VA., June 11, 2019

Tony Zerante, Director of Strategic Operations, and Stephanie Baker, Director of Member Services were featured on the June 10 episode of For Your Benefit, covering life insurance options for Federal Employees.

For Your Benefit is a live radio talk show produced by the National Institute of Transition Planning. Zerante and Baker joined the episode alongside Host Bob Leins to compare WAEPA and FEGLI, and discuss the additional benefits WAEPA offers to members.

“You can take WAEPA coverage into retirement, into the private sector, if you leave work to become a stay-at-home parent,” Zerante said on the show. “There’s no change to your rate, and we treat you exactly the same.”

In addition to covering the main differences between the two plans, the team also explained the often extreme price difference between WAEPA and FEGLI. The rates of both plans are public, and WAEPA can cost less than FEGLI.

“Our CIO did the math based on when he was a Fed, and he could’ve saved over $427 a year by switching to WAEPA,” said Baker.

If you’re interested in learning more about Group Term Life Insurance* from WAEPA, use our savings calculator and see how much you could save on your coverage.

To hear or download this episode of For Your Benefit, click here.


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