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WAEPA Offering $100k in Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance to Federal Employees

Amanda Huelskamp, Content Marketing Specialist
Phone: (703) 531-3546
Email: ahuelskamp@waepa.org

Falls Church, VA., August 19, 2019

Worldwide Assurance for Employees of Public Agencies (WAEPA) was offering $100k in Guaranteed Issue Group Term Life Insurance coverage. The offer began on August 19 and expired on October 23. This promotion was the first of its kind for the non-profit association, which has been in business for more than 75 years.

The Guaranteed Issue Group Term Life Insurance WAEPA offering allowed Civilian Federal Employees who are under the age of 50 and not currently insured by WAEPA to apply for $100k in coverage (no more, no less) with guaranteed approval. Feds who applied did not have to undergo medical underwriting, and the attained coverage is fully portable if they leave Federal service or retire.

“We’re incredibly excited about this offer for Civilian Federal Employees,” said M. Shane Canfield, CEO of WAEPA. “This promotion allows Feds to help protect the financial future of their families regardless of their health history.”

“This offer allows Feds to supplement or replace their existing Group Term Life Insurance very easily, and ensure peace of mind for their loved ones,” said Stephanie Baker, Director of Member Services at WAEPA. “Once you applied, there were no medical exams required, and you did not need to submit a physician’s report. It was a worry-free process.”

This offer is currently closed. Sign up for WAEPA News to stay tuned for any future promotions like this one.


Worldwide Assurance for Employees of Public Agencies (WAEPA), is a nonprofit association (not an insurance company) formed For Feds, By Feds. The goal of WAEPA is to provide access to products and services that promote the health, welfare and financial well-being of its members. After more than 75 years in business, WAEPA has over 46,000 members. For more information, visit waepa.org, or give us a call at (800) 368-3484.