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WAEPA CEO Featured on Management Matters Podcast by NAPA

WAEPA CEO, M. Shane Canfield, joined the National Academy of Public Administration CEO, Terry Gerton, on the most recent episode of the Management Matters Podcast. The podcast generally covers the public administration’s most significant challenges with experts from the public, private, non-profit, and academic sectors. Shane was invited to address how life insurance is a critical component of personal financial wellness, and how WAEPA is committed to supporting the financial health of the nation’s civilian federal workers.

“Crisis planning before the crisis happens, is critical,”

M. Shane Canfield, CEO, WAEPA

“Crisis planning before the crisis happens, is critical,” Shane explained while discussing the impact that the pandemic has had on federal employees. Highlighting that feds have played an integral role in supporting the government through one of its greatest challenges to date. On top of that, many have served as frontline workers, endangering their own health and well-being to care for the American public. “I praise Civilian Federal Servants for continuing to do this hard work every day, many of them putting their personal safety at risk.”

Shane shares WAEPA’s mission to support Civilian Federal Employees and explains how life insurance fits into financial security. Understanding how federal benefits relate to long-term financial planning isn’t always easy, which is why WAEPA offers free resources tailored specifically for Feds and their families. Hear more about their discussion on life insurance and the additional benefits WAEPA provides on the podcast episode.