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Information Regarding Your 2017 Premium Refund

The 2017 Refund checks have been mailed to all Members

WAEPA Members with active Life Insurance prior to December 31, 2016 and remained in force through August 31, 2017 received a refund. All checks were sent through the United States Postal Service with “Address Service Requested.” If you have left a forwarding address with USPS, they should forward your check to your new address.

Some address changes received after January 1, 2017 did not make it into the refund mailing list, and the previous address was used instead.

WAEPA apologizes for the potential delay in receiving your refund check if we had your old address in the refund mailing file. Checks were mailed Wednesday, September 27th. Checks are valid for 90 days. After that point, all un-cashed checks will be applied to Members’ account with WAEPA.