Advantages of WAEPA Membership

Federal government employees often have difficulty finding a life insurance option that works for them. World Assurance for Employees of Public Agencies (WAEPA) is a nonprofit founded in 1943 with the goal of ensuring that civilian federal personnel have the support they need.

Our Group Term Life Insurance is uniquely tailored to the needs of our members.

In cooperation with New York Life Insurance Company, WAEPA now provides protection to more than 44,000 qualifying federal government employees, dependents and family members. That accounts for more than $10 billion in total in-force life insurance coverage.


We provide advantages that no comparable organization can match:

  • Global Access to Your Group Term Life Insurance Benefits

Federal service can be an exciting journey that sends you all across the world. With WAEPA, you have access to your benefits anywhere. You are protected in active combat zones and under many circumstances, where mainstream life insurance coverage fails.

  • Coverage and Support for Dependents and Family Members

WAEPA is dedicated to helping our members protect their loved ones. As a result, many family members may qualify for associate membership. Access family education and spouse retraining benefits, living benefits for serious illnesses and much more.

  • Portable Coverage That Remains After Your Federal Service

Although many people spend their careers in federal service, others will eventually move on to the private sector or nonprofits. No matter your goals, you never have to worry about losing benefits as a result of employment status. You retain benefits as long as premiums are paid.

  • Competitive Rates – Better than FEGLI for Most Age Categories

WAEPA provides robust and affordable coverage. We know many members consider FEGLI life insurance for federal employees. Our benefits are built to be competitive with comparable programs. Most members’ premiums will be lower than FEGLI for most age categories.

It’s never too early to start thinking about life insurance. WAEPA’s advantages are custom-tailored for the specific needs of those in the federal service.

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Get ready for competitive rates, member perks, and coverage that's not capped by your salary.

Scholarship Program

We provide a scholarship program for children of our policy holders.


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