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Long-Term Care Insurance for Federal Employees

Purchase a long term care insurance policy through WAEPA and save.

A Long-Term Care Insurance Policy is designed to help you plan for your future financial needs and to help protect against the high cost of long-term care. If you are unable to care for yourself and you qualify for benefits, this policy will cover a portion of the cost of long-term care services provided to you in a nursing home, in an adult day care center, in an assisted care living facility and even in your own home.

Since 1998, WAEPA has been saving our members money on their long-term care insurance premiums. There has never been a better time to compare your options for long-term care insurance!

Why You Should Consider a Plan Through WAEPA:

Several Highly Rated Insurance Plans Offered. We will review premiums for similar benefits from several top rated insurance companies. This will save you time researching plans and ensure you get the best value for your insurance dollar.

    • More Customized Policy Options.

      Customize a plan to fit your specific needs and budget rather than settling for a prepackaged plan. You can vary the daily benefit in $10 increments, select from five different elimination periods and up to seven different benefit periods.

    • Couples Can Share Benefits, Increase Flexibility and Save on Premium.

      A rider is available to combine policy benefits between spouses/partners. Couples can purchase two affordable policies and combine them into one large comprehensive plan. This rider also increases flexibility if one spouse/partner were to exhaust their benefits and still require care.

    • Individually Underwritten.

      Your premium is not based on one overall health classification. There are up to four different rate classes and your specific health will determine your rate.

    • Plans Are Also Available to Family Members.

      Because you are a member of WAEPA, your parents, parents-in-law, grand-parents and children are also eligible to purchase a policy through WAEPA.


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