Federal Employee Life Insurance, Retirement, & Benefits Guides

Our WAEPA Guides cut through the complexity and get to the heart of the matter – helping you decide what’s right for you.

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2018 WAEPA Consumer Assistance Guide

Consumer Assistance Guide

This Consumer Assistance Guide is designed to help you – the American consumer – spot scams and better protect yourself against fraud. This guide also gives suggestions for resolving consumer complaints.

2018 WAEPA Health Insurance Guide

Health Insurance Guide

Learn more about the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program. As a Federal employee, you are entitled to enroll yourself and any eligible family members in a health plan offered under the FEHB Program.

2018 WAEPA New Federal Employees Guide

New Federal Employees Guide

Make the informed decision concerning pay, leave, alternative work schedules, health benefits, and life insurance.

2018 WAEPA College Funding Guide

College Funding Guide

What every federal employee needs to know about investing in a college education.

2018 WAEPA SES Guide

Senior Executive Service

An inside look at the SES that includes staffing, pay, leave, performance management and, most importantly, leadership.

2018 WAEPA Federal Benefits Guide

Federal Benefits Guide

This guide will help you understand your federal benefits and will become, we are sure, a handy reference tool.

2018 WAEPA Federal Retirement Guide

Federal Retirement Guide

This unique guide covers retirement benefits, Federal Retirement Systems (FERS and CSRS), Thrift Savings Plan, Social Security, Survivor Benefits, Death Benefits, Medicare, WEP, and more.

2018 WAEPA Federal Travel Guide

Federal Travel Guide

We thought it would be a good idea to put all the travel rules that Federal Employees must follow into this handy guide.

2018 WAEPA Prevent Bullying Guide

Prevent Bullying Guide

The key is to stop bullying before it starts. That’s why information is so important – and why we thought it required a special WAEPA Guide that would help our members understand this important issue in greater detail.