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2020 College Funding Guide

The 2020 College Funding Guide is an essential tool to help unlock doors for future success. This guide contains all the latest information about getting a college degree, including: types of higher education, resources for finding the right college, entrance exams, financial aid resources, paying for college, applying for federal student aid, Pell Grants, Direct and Federal Family Education Loans, PLUS loans, Consolidation loans, Federal Work-Study Program, U.S. Armed Forces and ROTC, and more! and much more!

58 Pages

2020 Consumer Assistance Guide

The 2020 Consumer Assistance guide is designed to help you, the American consumer, spot scams and better protect yourself against fraud. It also gives you suggestions for resolving consumer complaints. It is divided into three sections: Be a Smart consumer, Filing a Complaint and Key Consumer Information resources. The guide helps you with banking, credit, education, employment, housing, insurance, protecting your identity, travel, wills and funerals, and much more!

70 Pages

2020 Federal Benefits Guide

The 2020 Federal Benefits Guide is a comprehensive guide, written for active federal employees. It covers everything you need to know about your federal pay and benefits, including different pay schedules, base and locality pay, overtime pay, compensatory time off, relocation and retention bonuses, performance awards, holidays, leave benefits, Employee Assistance Programs, Alternative Work Schedules, federal appointments, probationary period, performance appraisals, transferring to other federal jobs, reinstatement rights, reductions in force (RIF) rules, rights of military personnel, and much more!

140 Pages

2020 Federal Retirement Guide

The 2020 Federal Retirement Guide is a highly detailed guide that gives you the ins-and-outs of your federal retirement, including all the latest federal changes, COLAs, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Liability Insurance, Family Benefits, Survivor Benefits, Social Security, Medicare, Thrift Saving Plan, Federal Employees Retirement System, Civil Service Retirement System, retirement resources, financial planning, retirement planning, applying for retirement, new retirees, benefits adjustments, death benefits, address and withholding changes, leaving early, and much more!

112 Pages

2020 Federal Telework Guide

Practical information to provide an understanding of the day-to-day aspects of this important flexibility, and assist staff responsible for implementing and managing telework programs.

43 Pages

2020 Federal Travel Guide

The 2020 Federal Travel Guide gives you all the latest information about traveling on official Government business. It covers temporary duty travel allowances, transportation expenses, airline travel, train travel, travel by ship, local transit systems, using government vehicles, per diem expenses, emergency travel, travel by employees with special needs, making arrangements and paying for travel, reimbursement of expenses, miscellaneous expenses, keeping frequent flyer miles, collecting delinquent amounts, conference planning, pre-employment interview travel, accepting payment of travel expenses form a non-federal source, and much more!

52 Pages

2020 Health Insurance Guide

The 2020 Federal Insurance Guide contains all the latest information about the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program. It has everything you need to know about eligibility, enrollment, finding a plan, coordinating benefits, cost, leave without pay, termination, conversion and temporary continuation of coverage, annuitants and compensationers, military service, family members, former spouses, and health care flexibility spending accounts and much more!

121 Pages

2020 New Federal Employee Guide

The 2020 New Federal Employees Guide helps new federal employees deal with the vast details of joining the federal workforce. This comprehensive guide provides information on pay, leave, alternate work schedules, employee assistance programs, awards, volunteer service, reinstatement, restoration, transfers, health benefits, types of enrollment, insurance, family coverage, military service, and a host of other topics that every new federal employees needs to know about!

143 Pages

2020 Pay and Leave in Weather Emergencies Guide

This guide provides a summary of the many pay and leave benefits available to assist Federal agencies and employees who must cope with severe weather conditions or other emergency situations and their aftermath.

23 Pages

2020 Senior Executive Service Guide

The 2020 Senior Executive Guide covers everything you need to know about the Senior Executive Service (SES). This unique guide covers: pay, annual and sick leave, performance and accountability, performance management, awards, removals for poor performance, recertification, continuing learning, reduction in force, fallback rights, adverse actions, scientific and professional positions, presidential appointments, senior level positions, limited appointments, career and non career appointments, staffing, core qualifications, review boards, reassignments and transfers, and much more!

26 Pages

2020 Veterans' Preference in Hiring

This guide outlines the ways Veterans of the Armed Forces are given preference in appointments to Federal positions, including an overview of Congressional law and information on entitlement to benefits.

56 Pages

2019 Caring for an Aging Loved One Guide

This guide describes ways to assess when a loved one needs outside care. It covers developing a care plan, organizing important documents, and what you can do to provide support.

45 Pages

2019 Handling Traumatic Events Guide

This guide gives practical ideas on how to handle traumatic events in the workplace, and names some of the many resources the Federal Government provides to assist with these situations.

24 Pages

2019 Losing a Loved One Guide

This guide contains practical information to help get you through difficult days and tough decisions while supporting yourself and your family during a stressful time.

40 Pages

2018 Prevent Bullying Guide

The 2018 Prevent Bullying Guide helps you – and your family – with a very serious problem confronting us today: Bullying. Bullying is clearly not a new problem, but it is a very serious one. According to recent surveys, almost half of school-aged children say that they have been bullied in the past. This comprehensive guide helps you recognize the signs of bullying, understand how to prevent it, and shows you how to discuss the issue with your children, grandchildren and family members. The guide covers children who are bullied, children who bully others, why adults should care about bullying, best practices in bullying prevention, what can students do to stop bullying, cyber-bullying, and much more!

36 Pages