FAQ: Payments

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Who should I make my premium payment payable to?

Please make your payment payable to “WAEPA.”

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Where do I mail my payment?

Payments must be mailed to:

PO Box 60217
Charlotte, NC 28260-0217


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Bill Pay: Can I use the “bill pay” feature from our bank to pay premiums?

Yes, WAEPA accepts payment from Bill Payment services. Most bill pay services will physically mail a check, if the receiver does not accept payments electronically. WAEPA accepts payments on a quarterly, semi annual and annual basis.

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What payment options does WAEPA provide?

Premium payments can be made Annually, Semi-annually, Quarterly, through automatic Payroll Deductions or monthly bank drafts.

Valid payment methods include Pay Online (via our website), check, electronic funds transfer and payroll deductions. We do not accept credit card payments, or payment by phone.

If you wish to have WAEPA transfer funds from your checking account automatically, a authorization form will be mailed to you, at your request.

To set up automatic payroll deductions (Active federal employees only), a partially completed authorization Form 1199A will be mailed to you, should you request.

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May I pay premiums through payroll deductions?

Yes, for active federal employees only and only for one WAEPA Membership Certificate. To set up automatic payroll deductions, a partially completed authorization Form 1199A will be mailed to you, and then you may submit it through your agency’s online payroll system.

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How are premiums calculated?

Premiums for all coverage are based on your age and will increase every five years when you enter a new age group.

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Are the premiums or coverage levels different for members and associate members?

The coverage levels are the same for WAEPA Members and Associate Members. The only difference is in how one gained membership initially.

View the complete Rate Schedule.

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As long as the premiums are paid on time, can WAEPA cancel the policy for any reason?

No. Other then non payment, or the cancellation of WAEPA’s group master policy, the only other possible way for your coverage to be cancelled is by you officially requesting termination or by you reaching the age of 85; end of the coverage term.

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