FAQ: Military

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Are currently enlisted military personnel eligible for this insurance?

No. WAEPA is not allowed to cover active duty military. However, if you are a non active duty Reservist or National Guardsman then you can apply, assuming you are currently employed as a federal civilian. If activated, you would maintain your coverage but, while activated, you may not increase or apply for coverage.

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Are retired military personnel eligible for this insurance?

Strictly speaking, no. However, if you are a retired military personnel who is now a civilian federal employee or retired from civilian, federal service then you may apply with WAEPA.

You may also apply as an Associate member, if your spouse or Domestic Partner is a WAEPA Member.

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Does WAEPA’s worldwide coverage include combat zones?

If you are a Federal civilian who happens to be stationed in or commutes to a combat zone, you would be covered. If you are an activated Reservist or National Guardsman, who gained WAEPA membership prior to activation, your basic coverage would also be intact. Full-time members of the armed services are not eligible for WAEPA coverage.

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