FAQ: Dependent Coverage

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Is Dependent Coverage the same as Associate Membership?

No. WAEPA members have two ways to purchase life insurance protection on family members:

  1. As Dependents – Cover your spouse and your dependent children under your own certificate. Coverage levels go up to a maximum of $250,000 depending on age. Dependent spouses coverage is limited to no more than 50% of the member’s coverage, for a maximum of $500,000.
  2. As Associate WAEPA Members – Enable your spouse to purchase their own insurance through WAEPA. Coverage levels go up to a maximum of $1.5M depending on age.
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Can a Dependent apply for coverage or add additional coverage to an existing certificate, if over the age of 70?

No. Both the prospective or existing Member and Dependent need to be under the age of 70.

Neither applicant nor dependent can apply for coverage once 70 or older.

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Can a non US Citizen be covered as a Dependent or apply for Associate Membership?

Yes. If the person is a legal resident who is assigned a social security number. Other than that, US Citizenship is required.

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I want to cover my children, how long are they eligible?

Until your children are age 26, if they are primarily supported by you and unmarried.

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For my spouse to be covered under insurance purchased through WAEPA, do they have to be a US Citizen? For example, can I cover my spouse who is a Resident Alien in the US?

WAEPA member dependent coverage applies to dependents (regardless of US resident status).

To apply for Associate Membership, a spouse must be a legal permanent resident with a tax ID or SSN.

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Can a spouse be covered as both a dependent and as an associate member?


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Can dependent children be covered by both the member and associate member?

No. Only the member OR associate member may cover dependent children.

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