WAEPA’s Board of Directors has unanimously voted to waive all premiums due for the month of January 2019 for all members.

For Feds, By Feds. Since 1943.

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Dedicated to Civilian Federal Employees since 1943

Dedicated to Civilian Federal Employees since 1943

FAQ: Application Process

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Do we have to wait until I am approved before my spouse can send in their application for coverage as an Associate Member?

Your spouse can apply at the same time as you. When they complete their application for Associate Membership, they may insert “pending” as your certificate number. If your spouse applies for coverage on their own, they cannot be covered under your certificate of insurance; only your children could be covered as Dependents.

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Does WAEPA have a waiting period before the coverage takes effect? I understand that some insurance companies pay the minimum until you’ve had the policy for 2 years?

There is no “waiting period” for benefits to be payable. If an insured dies within the first two years of coverage, the full benefit is paid, provided death is not a result of suicide or the application does not contain incorrect medical/health information (misstatements).

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Is a medical examination required?

A medical examination may be required, even for Members, depending on your age, the amount of insurance, for which you are applying, and your health question answers.

If a medical examination is required, it will be performed at no cost to you by a medical examiner appointed by WAEPA through ExamOne.


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How long will it take to get my insurance?

Please allow up to 12 weeks, even for Members, to complete the application process and receive your certificate of insurance.


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What if I am not satisfied with my coverage from WAEPA?

New members, who are not completely satisfied, for any reason, with their WAEPA group life insurance, may request a refund of all premiums paid. Refunds are made with no questions asked, provided your request is submitted in writing within 30 days of the effective date of your insurance coverage.

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Do I have enough life insurance? How much do I really need?

Many Americans could be underinsured or over-insured, perhaps because they didn’t take some time to consider just how much coverage they might need.

However it is essential to figure out your true coverage needs in order to ensure loved ones are protected financially for years to come.

This simple guide will help you figure out – How Much Insurance Do You Really Need?


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Can WAEPA at any time require a physical examination to either continue to the plan to keep current benefits?

As long as you maintain your premium payments and your coverage is not terminated due to non-payment, there would be no need for a new physical exam. However, if you submit an application for more coverage than you already have with WAEPA, your application will be subject to a medical underwriting process, which may require an exam.

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How do I cancel my WAEPA policy?

We just need a signed and dated request, so that we have your authorization to terminate your coverage. Please include your Certificate number and specify that you wish to cancel your coverage outright. Upon completion you need to mail this to:

Membership Services
433 Park Avenue
Falls Church, VA  22046


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Does WAEPA coverage include death caused by sickness?

WAEPA’s member basic coverage is payable for death caused by sickness, subject to the terms of the group policy.

The group policy contains exclusions in the event of suicide. If an Insured commits suicide, while sane or insane, within 2 years from the date his or her insurance under the policy becomes effective, or the date the coverage is increased, his or her Life Insurance Benefits will be limited to a refund of the premiums paid on his or her behalf. If a Dependent Child commits suicide within 2 years from the date your insurance under the policy becomes effective, or the date the dependent coverage was increased and is survived by other Dependent Children under the same certificate, no refund of premiums will be made.

If an insured dies as a result of a covered accident (until age 85), an additional benefit will be paid to the beneficiary. When a person becomes a member and purchases coverage, they receive a plan booklet and certificate of insurance with details regarding the coverage.

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My spouse is a federal, civilian employee. Am I eligible for insurance coverage through WAEPA, even if my spouse is not insured through WAEPA? If so, is there a dollar limit?

You can purchase coverage as an Associate Member, provided your spouse becomes a non-insured member of WAEPA (Membership Form). She/He does not have to purchase insurance, she/he simply has to complete a membership form and pay a one-time $2.00 membership fee.

WAEPA offers a maximum amount of $1,500,000 coverage, regardless if you are applying as a federal employee, retiree or as an Associate Member.

Please view our complete list of rates for all ages and amounts of coverage available.


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Does this insurance cover me if I travel overseas? Accidental Death? Murdered? If so is there literature that states my spouse; and/or designated beneficiary, gets it all or is it automatic?

No matter where in the world you may be, your life coverage is there for you. Life benefits are payable in all types of death; if an insured dies within the first two years of coverage, the full life benefit is paid, provided death is not a result of suicide or the application does not contain incorrect medical/health information (misstatements).

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Can I add a Dependent to my WAEPA Certificate?

Yes. To add dependent coverage for a spouse or child, simply submit an application selecting spouse and/or children.

Additionally, a spouse can be covered for more insurance as an Associate Member and usually for considerably less. Unless a spouse is 10 or more years older than the Member, in which case, it would be more cost effective to have a spouse covered as a Dependent.

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How much insurance coverage is available to me?

You may apply for up to $1.5 million of Group Term Life Insurance for yourself, and up to $500,000 of dependent coverage for your spouse. Alternatively, your spouse may apply for up to $1.5 million if they apply as an Associate Member.

Eligible, Dependent children may be insured for up to $25,000 depending on the level of spousal coverage selected. Dependent spouse coverage is limited to 50% of the member’s coverage.


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What type of insurance does WAEPA provide? And for what period?

WAEPA member coverage is Group Term Life Insurance, the term being to age 85. The rates change in 5-year increments, and the maximum amount of coverage available begins to reduce starting at age 60.

There is no need to reapply for coverage each year; it automatically renews annually.

View the Complete List of Rates for all ages and amounts of coverage available.

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What happens to my WAEPA coverage and rates after age 60?

Our rates change in 5 year increments and the maximum amount of coverage available begins to reduce starting at age 60. Our Plan Description outlines the maximum amounts of coverage for all age groups.

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Are currently enlisted military personnel eligible for this insurance?

Full-time, active duty members of the Armed Forces are not eligible for coverage.  However, if you are a Reservist or National Guardsman, you can apply for coverage, provided you are a civilian federal employee.  If you become activated, you can maintain your in-force coverage, but cannot apply for new coverage.

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Are retired military personnel eligible for this insurance?

If you are a retired military personnel who is now or has ever been a Civilian Federal Employee, you are eligible for coverage from us.

If you are not and never have been a Civilian Federal Employee/Retired Annuitant, you can only apply for coverage as an Associate Member if your spouse is WAEPA Member.

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Does WAEPA’s worldwide coverage include combat zones?

If you are a Federal civilian who happens to be stationed in or commutes to a combat zone, you would be covered. If you are an activated Reservist or National Guardsman, who gained WAEPA membership prior to activation, your basic coverage would also be intact. Full-time members of the armed services are not eligible for WAEPA coverage.

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