Who Qualifies for WAEPA Coverage?

Since 1943, World Assurance for Employees of Public Agencies (WAEPA) has been America’s foremost name in federal life insurance. We provide Group Term Life Insurance policies for federal employees through our partnership with New York Life Insurance, a leading brand.

Interested in WAEPA Group Term Life Insurance? Here’s who qualifies:

Civilian Federal Government Employees

No matter where you work for the federal government, in the United States or abroad, you can qualify if you are a federal civilian. Active members of the U.S. military are not eligible, but they can become eligible if they join the civilian federal service after their enlistment.

First-Time Federal Employees

To qualify for coverage under WAEPA, you must apply within one calendar year of your first federal civilian employment. If you switch from one position to another, you will not qualify. Luckily, the process for applying is easy, and new members can access their benefits fast.

Federal Employees Under Age 70

WAEPA coverage extends to those aged 69 or younger. Prior to age 70, you can qualify for competitive rates based upon your age – no health examination or physician’s note is ever required.

WAEPA Members Can Maintain Their Coverage After Leaving Federal Service

Not everyone will remain in federal service throughout their entire career.

At WAEPA, we understand that your career can take you to unexpected places. As a result, all qualifying members can choose to maintain their coverage once they leave federal service. All you need to do is uphold your obligations by paying your premiums promptly.

Spouses and other family members may qualify for certain benefits under WAEPA. For example, we provide robust spousal retraining and family education benefits.

Once you are a WAEPA member, you can truly be a member for life. Many people choose to retain WAEPA throughout their careers.

WAEPA is the FEGLI Alternative You Can Count On

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