Affordable Benefits for USPS Employees

Dedicated retirement and financial benefits, and life insurance for United States Postal Service personnel.

Financial & Retirement Planning and Life Insurance for USPS Employees

Would you like to enjoy the security and peace of mind that comes from Group Term Life Insurance for the United States Postal Service employees? USPS employees have a choice other than FEGLI.

WAEPA – World Assurance for Employees of Public Agencies – has FEGLI alternative life insurance option that can be ideal for postal service employees at all levels.

Life Insurance You Can Count on Today and Tomorrow

WAEPA provided life insurance plans for new United States Postal Service employees gives you the reliability and flexibility you truly need. Compared to FEGLI, WAEPA provides lower costs and premiums for members across several age groups.

Group Term Life Insurance

Group Term Life Insurance from WAEPA provides up to $1.5 million in coverage for eligible members, which will not be lost if you change jobs or retire – even after leaving the federal government. An eligible member’s coverage also extends to spouse and children.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance for New USPS Employees

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance means qualifying federal employees, including USPS Employees, cannot be turned down coverage for up to $100,000 within their first year of hire. If you qualify for this offer, you do not need to submit medical documentation or other complex paperwork to access your benefits. An applicant must simply be a U.S. citizen under age 70 applying within one year of first-time, non-military government hire.

Financial Wellness Planning Resources Exclusively for You

Throughout your federal career, you’ll have many opportunities to make more of your financial future. With WAEPA, all members have the opportunity to access financial wellness planning from experienced experts. Our partnership with Ernst & Young means you’ll get sound advice for every step of your financial journey, from savings to retirement and more.

Benefits and Resources Growing Every Day

WAEPA is dedicated to meeting the specific needs of federal professionals. We never give up when it comes to designing and developing more tools for you to use. Our benefits and resources include a library of webinars on financial planning and other topics from the National Institute of Transition Planning, Inc. – a national leader in pre-retirement planning.

If you’ve been considering how to meet your life insurance needs, WAEPA could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Many prospective members will find that, across most age categories, their WAEPA premium is far lower than they can qualify for under FEGLI. To find out more about your potential benefits, just use our insurance calculators.

Founded 1943, WAEPA works exclusively with professionals within the federal government. Current U.S. civilian federal government employees within a certain period of their first hire are universally eligible. Benefits remain available in retirement or following federal service.

It has never been easier to access WAEPA’s Group Term Life insurance. Apply today to get started.


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