Dedicated to Civilian Federal Employees since 1943

Dedicated to Civilian Federal Employees since 1943

The Department of the Interior

The Department of the Interior


The Department of the Interior is an enduring testament to America’s commitment to its unique natural landscapes and resources. Now more than ever, it is essential that members of this agency work hard every day to preserve the land and the heritage it represents for future generations.

If you are looking for the best life insurance for Department of the Interior personnel, we have the solution. WAEPA – Worldwide Assurance for Employees of Public Agencies – is a nonprofit organization exclusively dedicated to serving federal civilians with the best life insurance.

Operating since World War II, WAEPA provides life insurance and other benefits to tens of thousands of active and retired federal civilians. Our group term life insurance is provided in concert with New York Life Insurance Company, one of the top names in the industry.

Throughout our history, we’ve provided insurance access to more than 100,000 federal workers and their dependents. Our current membership stands at more than 44,000 – and employees of the Department of the Interior are eligible to enjoy all that we have to offer.


As a WAEPA member, you’ll benefit from:


Group Term Life Insurance


Group Term Life Insurance from WAEPA provides up to $1.5 million in coverage for eligible members, which will not be lost if you change jobs or retire – even after leaving the federal government. An eligible member’s coverage also extends to spouse and children.



Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance for New Employees


Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance means qualifying federal employees, including Department of the Interior employees, cannot be turned down coverage for up to $100,000 within their first year of hire. If you qualify for this offer, you do not need to submit medical documentation or other complex paperwork to access your benefits. An applicant must simply be a U.S. citizen under age 70 applying within one year of first-time, non-military government hire.


Financial Wellness Planning Made Easier Than Ever Before


Financial wellness planning can be a tough topic in the federal service. If you have to go it alone, it may take years – and many lost opportunities – to navigate. With WAEPA, you get a head start through personalized service from Ernst & Young, the top personal finance experts in America. You’ll receive great advice that will help you save money, plan for retirement, and much more.


Long-Term Care Insurance Helps You Move Forward When Crisis Hits


What would happen to your loved ones if you could no longer work? Long-term care insurance means you’ll never need to worry about the outcome, even if the unexpected happens. When an accident or injury leaves you unable to work, your long-term care benefits allow you to access at-home care or use a wide array of long-term facilities, defraying the high cost of specialized care.


WAEPA Experts Deliver a Better Membership Experience Every Day


Since WAEPA became the first to provide federal civilian life insurance that applies worldwide, we’ve always forged ahead to create the best experience for our members. WAEPA benefits and resources are growing daily. Our complete webinar series on retirement planning, built in coordination with the National Institute of Transition Planning, can be reviewed by members anywhere.

You’ve heard of FEGLI life insurance. With WAEPA, you have options. Visit our life insurance calculators to preview possible premiums and benefits. Most potential members will learn they can get superior coverage and premiums with our FEGLI alternative life insurance.

We value your time, so our online application is quick and easy. If you’re ready to begin, you can complete it in minutes – all without submitting onerous documentation. For help, contact us.