Affordable Life Insurance Plans for EPA Employees

Dedicated retirement and financial benefits, and life insurance plans for Environmental Protection Agency personnel.

Financial & Retirement Planning and Life Insurance for EPA Employees

The Environmental Protection Agency employs all kinds of people – from geologists and botanists to engineers and administrators of every kind. No matter where you work for the EPA or what kind of duties you perform, all EPA employees may qualify for WAEPA membership.

WAEPA – Worldwide Assurance for Employees of Public Agencies – strives to provide federal civilians of all ranks and pay grades with competitive Group Term Life Insurance coverage and other benefits. Our popular FEGLI alternative can provide most eligible personnel, at most age bands, with better rates than FEGLI.

WAEPA's Group Term Life Insurance for New EPA Employees

Our group term life insurance is simple and effective. Membership is extended to U.S. citizens under the age of 70 within a defined period from their first-ever federal civilian hire. You won't have to submit health information and can't be turned because of pre-existing conditions. You can even continue to hold WAEPA coverage after leaving the federal workforce.

Get the Most From a Federal Career with Financial Wellness Planning

How would you like to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from expert Financial Wellness Planning? WAEPA has established a partnership with Ernst & Young (EY), the #1 company in the world of personal financial management. EY experts advise you on everything related to retirement planning and all the other financial milestones you will reach on your way to federal service success.

Our Benefits and Resources Are Always There for You

As a nonprofit, WAEPA is dedicated exclusively to our members in the federal service. We are always working to extend our network of benefits and resources. Through our outreach to leading firms like the National Institute of Transition Planning, Inc. (NITP), we've developed convenient and informative assets. You won't want to miss our library of webinars on retirement and other federal topics.

WAEPA believes in giving every prospective member the insights needed to make an informed choice. Our insurance calculators will shed light on what you stand to gain through WAEPA coverage.

Applying online only takes a few minutes – and you'll also enjoy a no-risk “free look period” to decide if WAEPA is right for you. Get started today. Our team looks forward to serving you.


Our WAEPA Guides cut through the complexity and get to the heart of the matter – helping you decide what’s right for you.


Our tools and resources are here to make your decisions easier.

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