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DOD Employees

Life Insurance and Benefits for DoD Employees


Since 1943, Worldwide Assurance for Employees of Public Agencies (WAEPA) has provided Group Term Life Insurance and financial services benefits to employees of the federal government, including Department of Defense civilian personnel.

DOD employees throughout the military, including the Army, National Guard, Navy, Marines and Air Force, may qualify for services under WAEPA. Active-duty military service members do not qualify, but may be eligible after transition to a DOD civilian role.

Throughout our history, we’ve provided insurance access to more than 100,000 federal workers and their dependents. Our current membership stands at more than 44,000 – and employees of the Department of Defense are eligible to enjoy all that we have to offer.


As a WAEPA member, you’ll benefit from:


Group Term Life Insurance

Group Term Life Insurance from WAEPA provides up to $1.5 million in coverage for eligible members, which will not be lost if you change jobs or retire – even after leaving the federal government. An eligible member’s coverage also extends to spouse and children.


Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance for New Employees

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance means qualifying federal employees, including Department of Defense civilian employees, cannot be turned down coverage for up to $100,000 within their first year of hire. If you qualify for this offer, you do not need to submit medical documentation or other complex paperwork to access your benefits. An applicant must simply be a U.S. citizen under age 70 applying within one year of first-time, non-military government hire.


Financial Wellness Planning

At WAEPA, we advocate tirelessly for federal employees. Financial planning can be complex for federal employees, but we are here to help.

Our financial wellness planning resources help you build your financial future. With guidance from the experts at Ernst & Young, we can assist you in organizing your financial security. All planning services are customized to your needs.


Other Benefits and Resources for Members

WAEPA is always adding new benefits and resources for federal employees. In partnership with the National Institute of Transition Planning (NITP), we have developed webinars, pre-retirement planning handbooks and more – available to use at any time. We also provide insurance calculators.

At WAEPA, we take seriously the trust Department of Defense employees place in us every day. As a nonprofit organization founded by and for federal government employees, we never rest in our goal of providing world-class resources tailored especially for our members.

If you qualify for our services but you’re not yet a WAEPA member, you should consider the value of our 30-day “free look” period to evaluate your insurance policy options. To get started, simply apply now. We look forward to serving you.