Pay Online

WAEPA Members, you can now pay your WAEPA Premiums Online!

WAEPA Pay Online FAQ:

What is my Certificate Number?

Your Certificate Number is unique to you, and is printed on your bill as well as your other insurance documentation. Your certificate number should be entered as a six digit number. If you have a four or five digit certificate number, you must enter a leading zero(s) to reach a full six digit number.
Example: Certificate Number 50000 should be entered as 050000.

Why should I Enroll, as opposed to using Pay Now?

Enrolling in WAEPA's E-Bill Express allows you to name and save separate bank accounts for EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) payment of your WAEPA premiums, and allows you to create a unique user name and password, instead of having to remember your Certificate Number. Also, by Enrolling you can attach several different e-mail addresses to your account, which will allow you to receive e-mailed bills in the future.

How do I pay for multiple Certificate Numbers for myself, my spouse, my adult kids, etc. at one time online?

In order for WAEPA to process the payments correctly, you are required to login and pay separately for each Certificate Number.

Now that I have Enrolled, can I opt out of paper bills?

At this time, WAEPA will still mail a paper bill to all members who pay quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. In the future we hope to offer the option to opt out of paper billing. Details will be provided to our members if this becomes available.

I've entered my six digit Certificate Number and my last four SSN digits, but I still can't Enroll/Pay Online?

There may be several reasons why you can't pay online yet:
I just stopped my payroll deduction/monthly bank draft because I want to pay online, but I can't login?

See above. Your information has not been uploaded to the Pay Online site. Please wait for your next paper bill and you should be able to Enroll/Pay Online then.

Can I use my Credit Card/Debit Card to pay online?

Due to the exchange fees charged by CC/DC companies, WAEPA does not accept cards at this time. If this policy changes in the future, details will be provided to our members.

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