WAEPA Premium Calculator

WAEPA Calculator
This calculator will allow you to select the desired amount of coverage and will compute your premium payments.
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Notes and Comments
* The word Member used above applies to both WAEPA Members and
Associate Members. Premiums for your coverage and your dependents'
coverage are based on your age, and will increase when you enter
a new age group every five years.

Note 1: Dependent Coverage
Note that dependent coverage is available on a member's spouse and
children only when purchased in addition to member's coverage.
Dependent coverage can be purchased at the same time as,
or at any time subsequent to, purchase of member's coverage.

Note 2: Age
The member and spouse (if applying for dependent coverage)
must be less than age 65 at the time of application for original
coverage or for an increase in coverage. All premiums are
based on the member's/associate member's age.

Note 3: Dependent Coverage Amount
Dependent Coverage cannot be more than 50% of member's
coverage. Dependent Coverage reflects Spouse Life Insurance.
Coverage for children varies by age.